We educate, feed and protect vulnerable children

Humanist Orphans Project

The Humanist Orphans Project reacts to the challenges that affect children in Kenya. In the project, we educate, feed and take care of 30 orphans. 

Library Project

Finding a fully furnished library in the rural areas of Kenya is close to impossible. It is the reason illiteracy level is still high in the rural areas. We established a fully furnished library, The Ron Lindsay Library, named after the former CEO and President of the Center for Inquiry. 

Save the Albino Child Project

Children born with Albinism conditions face obstacles in Kenya. They are discriminated by other children and they do not have the same socialization as other children. Worse, due to superstitious beliefs in Kenya and Tanzania, many of them are targeted in kidnapping and they end up on the hands of killers who trade their body parts for financial gains. We have responded to these by educating them and taking them to special schools where they can easily socialize without discrimination and get quality education. 

Feeding Program Project

In Africa, many children do not have healthy meals and a good number do not eat the normal three meals a day. Due to drought and poverty in the rural, many parents cannot afford to feed the children and it makes many to have a bleak future. Our program help to rescue orphans from starvation and through the help of Brighter Brains Institute, we have now managed to feed 30 children.

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