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Humanist Orphans project


Humanist Orphans Project started in 2012 when we engaged the rural village of Kisumu in our anti-superstition campaign. In Kisumu, many kinds of irrational belief have taken root. Here, cases of witchcraft accusation and witch-hunting have been common. Another example of irrational thought in the village is how the community is dealing with HIV/AIDS. In our CFI-Kenya reported on this on CSICOP, we explained how many victims of HIV/AIDS were made to believe that they had been healed after attending various religious crusades and were told to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs. Most people from Kisumu travelled to Loliondo in Tanzania and were given some herbs by a retired Lutheran priest and were assured that the supernatural powers of the drugs had cured them. The result was that many victims lost their lives, consequently leaving behind many orphans. Once these children were left behind, they faced a bleak future and were to drop out of school and start the exploitative child labor in the sugarcane plantations. Others were about to start child prostitution to fend for themselves.

With such kinds of circumstances, we held a meeting with members of the CFI Kenya and after a deep brainstorming; we came up with the idea of starting an initiative that would help these children. This is how Humanist Orphans project was born. Through the support got from CFI International, we took 11 children to school, bought uniforms, books, and all the materials they required. Moreover, we gave them a home based care. Currently, we have 30 orphans. 

We believe that as humanist, we are compelled to react to the challenges that affect children who will the pillar of tomorrow. Our humanist principles believe in human dignity, human potential, human rights and human freedom. 

Watch Our Orphans Receiving Shoes

In the video, you can see our orphans receiving shoes funded by CFI International. This was done to prevent the jiggers outbreak in the area and to make the children walk comfortably in the village roads full of thorns and sharp stones.

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