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The Ron Lindsay Library

Establishing a reading culture is one of the best ways of instilling critical thinking skills, creativity, and excellence in any society. Sadly, in rural areas, in Africa, finding libraries where pupils and students can read during their free time, away from school, is very rare.

One of the recent concerns in Kenya has been the loss of a reading. Many scholars have researched on the fading interest of reading amongst the young people in Africa. They report that in the current times, students and even those at institutions of higher learning concentrate only on reading for exams, but have no room to read beyond what is in the curriculum for other knowledge. On the contrary, reading for knowledge is one of the vital tools that empower people become creative, get critical thinking skills and all the tools to survive in the global world that is now a global village with dynamics that keep changing in almost every sector with the rapid change in technology and innovation.

Through the efforts of CFI/ International, we launched the first unique library in the rural areas, The Ron Lindsay Library. The entry to the library is free for all the members of the society and we avail books of all kinds. Apart from just reading, we started a program where the children in the community are enrolled in our reading programs. In this program, children who are illiterate and have not stepped in any formal school are given the basics, like learning the Alphabet and the vowel sounds that are critical in reading. When they have acquired reading skills, we give them interesting storybooks. We are trying to make children to love books, which is critical for critical thinking.  Moreover, we have also started adult reading program, where members of the society who do not know how to read and write are taught. Our vision is that by 2022, all the members of the society will know how to read and write and will be computer literate to be able to compete in the digital age

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