We educate, feed and protect vulnerable children

Video of Our Feeding Program and The Happy Faces of Our Orphans. Thanks to Brighter Brains Institute

Feeding Program

Going to school on an empty stomach is something that is unimagined in different parts of the world. But just imagine going to school without breakfast and lunch, is it possible to even concentrate in class and gain any knowledge? To those who have had such an experience, all the attention that should be put to learning get drawn to the empty feeling inside the stomach and the growling sound due to the cry for food.

In the village, more than 60% of children in the primary schools go to school hungry and some of them only manage to chew sugarcane in the morning and they last with it until evening. Going to school empty stomach not only affects academic performance, it also affects other extra-curriculum activities like playing games and socialization. Moreover, it is responsible for school dropout rate in the village where children become exploited for sex to survive as others migrate to rural areas to become street children.

Through the support of Brighter Brains Institute, we have managed to feed 30 orphans. 

The cooking and serving of food is done at the center. Humanist Orphans Center is a short distance from the schools where the orphans go to school. The children come in the morning for breakfast before going to school and then report at lunch time for meals. The schools in the area release children during lunch breaks to go home and eat then report back to school. They are always given one and half hours to go home, cook and report back to school for afternoon studies. The orphans find when the food is already prepared. Food is prepared by the volunteers of the center


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