We educate, feed and protect vulnerable children

Helping and Giving Vulnerable Children Opportunities is our Cause

We educate, feed and protect vulnerable children in the rural of Kenya. We apply our humanist values to create change to orphans and children suffering from Albinism.

Our Misson

To reduce and/or eradicate illiteracy, poverty, and diseases to improve lives of the neediest children and build an empowered, self-sustaining society that has hopes for a better future in rural communities.

Protecting and Educating Children Suffering from Albinism

Children with Albinism face many obstacles in Kenya. They are kidnapped and killed for their body parts, which is sold to Tanzania to fishermen and businessmen. Fishermen in Tanzania believe that the body parts of Albinos attract large harvest of fish while businessmen believe that their body parts attract clients. The issue has led to human rights crisis and many Albinos have been killed. 

Our approach is to help these children secure safe schools away from the village.

Restoring A reading Culture Through Library Projects

We have established one of the Unique libraries in the rural areas. The Ron Lindsay Library is a project that seeks to restore a reading culture in the Miwani area in Kisumu County. We teach children how to read, engage adults who have no reading skills, deliver critical thinking books to members of the community, and organize writing competitions.  The main aim of the library projects is to create a society that appreciate the knowledge stored in the books for critical thinking skills and eradicate superstitious beliefs. 

Feeding Program Supported By Brighter Brains Institute

Through the collaboration of the Center for Inquiry and Brighter brains Institute, we have now managed to feed 30 orphans in the rural of Kenya.  BBI will support this project for the whole of 2019. Now, these children, who were on the risk of starvation can now eat 3 meals a day and go to school.

Our Supporters Have enables us Achieve our Schedules and targets

Thanks to Our Individual Donors (Through Brighter Brains Institute)

David and Nancy Petrone

Oliver Johnson

Karen Zelevinsky

BBI Facebook Donors, Aime Matland, and Marit

Brad Levin

Ivan Robic

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